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Man vs. Wild: The Rockies Chapter I, Part One: Rocky Mountains Download

Download Man vs. Wild: The Rockies - man against nature documentary, Chapter I, Part One: Rocky Mountains

Broadcast TV show Man vs Wild (man against nature) of the 2006 Discovery Channel was famous. The TV program named Bear Grylls, along with a team multiplayer film on each part to one of the globe and in every part of you learning how intense that if the missing areas in nature without no special tools or just having a bottle of water and sometimes a simple pocket knife, able to survive and save your use of signs in nature.

Who is Bear Grylls?
Bear Grylls to this program, and special forces soldiers, Great Britain (British Special Forces) served as one of those who climbed Mount Everest …
In this collection there are tips for every person.

Interestingly, the TV series:
– The program no right to interfere in the work of the cameraman does Bear Unless the risk of death is imminent, for example, in an episode that was filmed in the rainforest-rich Costa rica poisonous snake in front of the Bear Grylls income but said he’s not filming any interference.
– In some parts of the program will be forced Bear to survive even under the tree worms to eat because they do not have a source of protein, and if he did die because of malnutrition.
– In another part of the forest to spend the night in an area where large scorpion explained that the area of ​​land you want to sleep on it of any leaves and dirt because scorpions prefer clean surfaces flat and empty and this makes their passage to where you’ve slept on it will not close.
– In the Moab desert in Utah to spend the night in a small cave in a rock shelter in the middle of the night and the sound of a rattlesnake from the entrance of the cave on a cliff facing camera makes the Bear says in this case because of darkness weather and visibility were good, you should come out of the cave and run well enough to ward off snakes with stone walls and floor of the cave as snakes knock and shake hate the vibration on the rock with a stone down the snake of the Groups away.

Some parts of the program, such as parts of our country and learn life skills in nature makes anyone in a similar position was if someone chance of survival is more that these techniques have does not know how.

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