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Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware v0.9.14.361 Beta software Download

Download Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware v0.9.14.361 Beta - software to detect and remove viruses tax collector

Work to increase Internet and the amount of time people spend online as well as comfortable moving data in different ways, makes users more important to have an acceptable level of security when working with computers reprisals. In recent years one of the main concerns of computer users, especially those who are dealing with the Internet, the software is suitable for the detection and removal of viruses, worms and malware that day their numbers and their harmful practices increase.
Some of these virus / malware is relatively new dangerous and called Ransomware (tax collector or ransomware virus) have been named after the way into the user’s system, restrict access to the system and causing it to lift restrictions user-requested ransom! Some of them do and some of the files are encrypted hard drive of Mac is not simply lock system and on-screen messages indicate that the user wants to deposit funds to.

Ransom through different ways such as worms are released and then begin to apply as encrypted hard drives are installed and running. Users open their files have to pay the account is software designer ransom. Messages are several tools to get ransom money from her show. For instance activation message operating system Windows displays that tells Windows to reactivate needs, or find a message based on illegal data such as software shaggy or child pornography are displayed to the user and user fear of prosecution.

What is worrying is that if the user data is encrypted and the user is able to pay the ransom software maker is due to high cost or lack of Mac it (for users inside Iran because of sanctions) by any means other information can not be decoded! Because the key to unlocking information is available only to the author of ransomware.

Software Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware After installing and running the system, users can monitor all computer activity and actions that are typical Ransomware detects suspicious and then all activities in the system and track When he was sure a virus / malware is Catchpole, and stop it before it ransomware encrypts files and user data have the chance, it is quarantined.

A key feature of the software Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware:
– Identify and block ransomware
– Easy Installation
– Utilizes advanced technology to be active during all computer activity
– Protect the system for real-time
– Quarantine the virus Catchpole
– Protect the system against threats such as CryptoLocker, Tesla, CryptoWall4 or CTB-Locker
– And …

– The application for Beta (trial) is provided and may be drawbacks.
– This application is only able to remove viruses tax collector but can not lock data returned by the virus.
– This application is only able to remove known viruses tax collector and may not remove, but with the ability to detect unknown viruses and virus behavior in the tax collector’s you against the possible dangers of viruses can also save new tax collector.

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