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Mailbird v2.3.7.0 Download

Download Mailbird v2.3.7.0 - send and receive e-mail management software

If you’re also one of the members must be regularly email your incoming Czech and this will take you a lot of time during the day, can the software Mailbird to manage your emails.
Mailbird a regular email client that an intuitive user interface for managing e-mail messages you have provided. This wonderful application of Gmail accounts, Yahoo, Outlook.com, iCloud or other email providers IMAP support. The interface of the software appear regularly your emails and bring them from the clutter, so you can speed your emails and their Czech reply. The software is open source, the result can easily be a new feature that you desire to add to it. Mailbird software to send, receive and manage emails from the desktop is. This tool is Mac abundant possibilities and multiple shortcut keys saves you time. User-friendly and very beautiful interface, offline access to e-mail alert as soon as a new email is one of the features of this tool. The software is very reliable and this ensures you that the slightest danger does not threaten your private information. After installing the software on the system, immediately after the Windows number of unread messages will be displayed as soon as you get a new message through the broadcast alarms, you will notice it. The software can create new email messages and be able to change the color of the font , text size, add attachments and correct your misspellings, you will be.

A key feature of the software Mailbird:
– High speed display e-mail to
– Look professional and beautiful interface.
– Have a large number of open source applications
– Support for all email accounts
– Access your email while offline
– Ability to clean inbox
– High security
– A full editor
– Receive e-mail alerts as soon as new
– Lack of storage and your email
– open Text
– Support for multiple languages
– Compatible with different versions of Windows
– And …

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