(93/11/25) Changes:
Mac OS X Yosemite Tips and Tricks course added!

Yosemite OS X (OS X Yosemite) version 10. 10 Azsystmaml home and server computers Apple Mac ‘s. The design of this version of Mac OS X has changed compared to previous versions. In Yosemite simply his initials (this applies to the operating system Flat design of icons for easier uses.) In addition, new features Dark-Mode, change the Notification Center and search for Mac (Spotlight) and … as well as other features and changes in this version of the Mac operating system.
In terms of education, the Mac OS X Yosemite Tutorial Series are key features of this powerful operating system and applications you know.

Topics Education of Mac OS X Yosemite Essential Training:
– Install and run the operating system Mac OS X Yosemite
– Organize your desktop
– Create, copy, move and rename files and folders
– Working with the Dock in Mac OS X Yosemite
– Work with the Safari browser
– Use Mission Control and Dashboard Widgets
– Search Mac OS X Yosemite
– Install apps from the App Store
– Communicate with iMessage and FaceTime
– The use of iTunes, QuickTime and Maps
– Backup & Play Blue Mac OS X Yosemite
– And …

Other training courses:
– New features in Mac OS X Yosemite
– Techniques and tricks for Mac OS X Yosemite
– And …