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Download Lumosity v2017.12.12.10198 Lifetime Subscription - Mobile intelligence and memory enhancement software
(96/9/22) Changes:
Updated to version 2017.12.12.10198
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Lumosity is the name of a fun and practical application that is focused on intelligence enhancement and memory enhancement applications. This beautifully crafted program is made by a company whose employees are all one of the largest and most prominent physicians and neurologists in the world. It’s a great application to boost intelligence as well as boost Mac memory. Neurologists use this software to restore normal state in patients with brain damage. The program has a very simple interface that makes it easy to work with.

Lumosity mobile app features:
– Variety of games
– Ability to display very accurate statistics of your intelligence and accuracy
– Speed ​​and concentration games

Changes to v2017.12.12.10198 version:
– New features + Various optimizations and bug fixes

Lumosity Screenshot 1 Lumosity Screenshot 2 Lumosity Screenshot 3 Lumosity Screenshot 4

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