Longman Dictionary of English app Patched Apk v2.3.0 + OBB Data

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11 Responses

  1. Karim says:

    Appreciated buddy

  2. walid says:

    unable to locate media files??
    Do I have to install additional data for that??
    And what is the patch file for…please explain..

  3. Just Ryan says:

    Hello I find it quite difficult to install this app would you please explain us better?
    Is there any tutorial on youtube?

  4. RyanDz says:

    Those who don’t know how to install it I will explain it:
    1-Download “Original file (patched)” and the files zipped.
    2. Install the app
    3. I recommend install the app “XPOSED” and install and activate the module “ODD ON SD” so the app “Longman” can read the odd files on the external memory.
    4.Now extract the two zipped files on your computer
    5.Copy the folder “com.mobifusion.android.ldoce5” into your phone on “storage/extSdCard/Android/obb”
    6.Run the app

    And thank you so much for uploading this material! it’s uncredible!
    I already had long man pronunciation dictionary on my Pc and now I have a complete dictionary on my phone too! Greetings from Argentina

  5. Alex says:

    Hello. Thanks for uploading this great stuff. The only snag is that when I type anything in this dictionary and then press the search button, it takes the dictionary about 4-5 seconds to find it with a loading circle in the middle while it does the search, which is very irritating to wait for such a long time. Do you have the same problem?

  6. Max says:

    I did as RyanDz said, all done but picture is not so clear. What to do for that?

  7. othman dyawara says:

    awesome dic thank so much for this app and i appreciate

  8. tester says:

    1. Download only “Original file (patched)”
    2. Install the app
    3. Run the app

  9. Shaghayegh says:

    I don’t have sd card because of privacy issues. how can I use these obb files??

  10. Hamza Zedmia says:

    Very Useful APP. Thank you so much indeed brother <3

  11. Putu says:

    Thanks dud.. God bless u.. Greetings from Bali.

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