LEGO The Hobbit for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Download

Download LEGO The Hobbit XBOX 360, PS3 - Lego Hobbit for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Under usual, World of Warcraft also renovated Lego-like shape and is published by the company Warner Bros. Lego The Hobbit, based on the story of the first film is The Hobbit. In other words, the core of the story of the game from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Hobbit: Desolation Of Smaug inspired and benefited. In this game you control based on the story of the film character Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf the Grey and Thorin Oakenshield will be responsible for the game’s campaign missions you on the way to the placebo, the Kingdom of Erebor is. Also in the game, each character will have its own unique ability.

LEGO The Hobbit Screenshot 1 LEGO The Hobbit Screenshot 2 LEGO The Hobbit Screenshot 3 LEGO The Hobbit Screenshot 4 LEGO The Hobbit Screenshot 5

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