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Download Iran E-book - electronic magazine of November 90 Ebook

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This software is a book that mail on all phones that support Java platform and runs Android have. The paper, which has been renamed the former homeland Ebook.
Contents of this month:

Event of November:
– 1 November on Statistics and Planning
– 4 November speech, Imam Khomeini revelations about capitulation rating
– 6 November martyrdom of Imam Muhammad Taqi (AS)
– 7 th birthday of Imam Ali (AS) and Hazrat Fatima (SA)
– 8 November martyrdom of Hussein understand
– 10 Aban martyrdom of Ayatollah Qazi Tabatabai
– 13th Oct martyrdom of Imam Muhammad Baqir (AS)
– 14 Aban on popular culture
– 15 November the day of Arafa
– Persian date Aban 16 Eid al-Adha
– Persian date Aban 21 Alnqy birth of Imam Ali (AS)
– Persian date Aban 24 on books and reading
– 25 November Eid Ghadir
– On November 30 Cursing the Prophet (PBUH)

Pia Mac :
– Romantic
– Philosophical
– C of C
– Humor
-Dygr Imam Mahdi (AS), an SMS with the theme of God’s reconciling, shower, birthday greetings

Interesting subjects:
– Interesting

Information Technology (IT)
– Latest IT News

– Windows XP
– Windows 7
– Other Operating Systems
– Antivirus and
– Internet
– Games are

Cellular phone:
– Operators, MCI and Irancell
– News
– Tips and Training

– Traditions
– Story
– Mahdism
– Miracles

– short story
– Lyrics
– The words of elders
– Date

biography, diary:
– Martyrs
– Elite
– Artists
– Athletes

– Medical Articles and News

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