Invasion: Modern Empire v1.38.80 Mod Apk + OBB Data Download

Download Invasion: Modern Empire v1.38.80 + Mod - Mobile Game Invasion: Modern Empire
(10/7/10) Changes:
Update to version 1.38.80

Invasion: Modern Empir is the name of a beautiful and exciting game simulation and strategy game that has been released for the Android operating system. The story of the game will be in the midst of the global apocalypse in 2020, and you will be deeply challenged in dealing with your enemies, who, in order to get rid of the hard work ahead, must use military techniques and appropriate strategies to dominate the world. Experience it. Use all his efforts to become the most powerful military commander in the world and to form strong unions with his friends and attack your common enemies. Choose new camps and build your own bases so that you can conquer new territories by triumphing on other players. Build on various bases and build buildings and train and train soldiers to overcome their enemies using modern strategy and tactics . Get out of the existing rivals and compete in this chaotic new era . The game has a fascinating graphics that adds to the beauty of the game and can keep you entertained for hours. 

Mobile Game Features Invasion: Modern Empire:
– Advanced PvP Wars with fantastic gameplay
– True 3D environment and gorgeous battles
– Fight for new land and extend the territory of your team
– Conquer online rivals in the world to increase strength and ability
– Create multi-player strong unions to attack many troops
– Build weapons and weapons to equip soldiers fighting
– Advanced Warfare tactics used
– Conducting modern warfare by collecting important and useful information
– Establishing diplomatic relations with other players
– Ability to chat and chat with other players to find the full team

V1.38.80 version changes: 
– Added new features + various optimizations

Invasion: Modern Empire Screenshot 1 Invasion: Modern Empire Screenshot 2 Invasion: Modern Empire Screenshot 3 Invasion: Modern Empire Screenshot 4

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