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Download Internet Download Manager v6.28 Build 14 - The most powerful download management software
The most powerful download management

The expansion of the network of global Internet and the development of Web-based user needs another way to their own, today the Internet for browsing news and information is not used, but with the expansion of networks, file-sharing, exchange of information between users has increased today from ordinary users and easy to large organizations and large corporations all have the internet to share and exchange with each other, use one of the things that is very useful operation ” download ” or “Reload” is, in a nutshell “download” means to download information. And data from a specific source to the individual system It creatively.

Today, all companies, including actors basin, software , movies , games and music all from the Internet to broadcast their information use and the use of the Mac animals they are required to download the data published by them, in the past few years internet browsers Have greatly improved and provided limited download features, but the use of browser download tools due to lack of advanced features is usually not recommended and users are advised to use “download management software”.

“Download Management Software” is a software program that specializes in downloading various data and data from the Internet. There are a lot of software in this field, and in this article we try to find one of the most powerful download management software. To introduce you.

Internet Download Manager ( or “IDM” ) is an advanced download manager software that makes it easier to manage your downloaded files with the intelligent system, which, with its new technology, speeds up the downloading of files and, according to the manufacturer, up to 5 times faster than normal can download.

Key Features of Internet Download Manager:
– Increase download speed up to 5x by intelligent system “Dynamic Segmentation”.
– Resume function to cut and continue downloading at another time without losing downloaded information.
– Supports all popular browsers and apps on the market.
– Video Grabber to download video files on sites.
– Ability to automatically check files by anti-virus.
– Site Grabber feature to download all contents of a site. – Multiple downloadable files.
– Advanced scheduling for download management.
– Speed ​​Limiter to limit download speed.
– Support for different languages ​​including Sweet Persian language.

But how do these apps boost download speed?
In the past, browsers and many other applications to download a file from the Internet is just a “connection” or “Connection” with the destination server to establish themselves, but experience has proven to be downloaded only via a connection not only makes full potential and The maximum speed of the Internet will not be used, but in case of disconnect all downloaded information will be lost.
Subsequently, download management applications came in and introduced a new feature called “Segmentation,” the “Segmentation” or “Segmentation” feature is a new feature in which download files are split into pieces before they are downloaded. When you start a download instead of a connection with the server for more connection and file simultaneously, for example, in 8 pieces start downloading. in this case, the download speed of the situation to much more and the Mac ‘s loss Information is greatly reduced.

So what’s the difference between this program and other programs?
The Internet Download Manager software uses a more intelligent system called Dynamic Segmentation, which works much smarter than most other similar applications and provides faster access speeds. Dynamic Segment Performance In this way, the file is first scanned by the program through the source server for segmentation, and then it starts downloading, and unlike other programs that cut off the file before the start of the download, this program snippet files when downloading and As soon as a piece is finished, it creates a new piece and in the end The full potential benefits of broadband and Internet speed.
Using this program not only makes use of the maximum speed of the Internet but also makes the files more securely downloaded, as if downloading the power stream or Internet connection is cut off when downloading, because the file is split into smaller pieces, only a small part of the file and in fact you will not need to re-download the whole file to be downloaded again.
Downloading multiple files also allows you to download multiple files at the same time and increase both the accuracy of downloaded files and the maximum available bandwidth.

important things:
– Preferences do not download multiple files at the same time.
This will increase the likelihood of a failure of the download files, especially if one of the files is very bulky.

– Avoid over-bitping of files (even in this application and in other apps).
Program Internet Download Manager allows you to change the settings for the piece of the file is available and some people mistakenly think the number of connections or Connections raise files more quickly downloaded if the outcome Photos and not only Slow down, but it can increase the likelihood of file corruption. Given the current state of affairs and Internet status in Iran, it is suggested that you use a maximum of 8 connections to download your files and do not increase this amount.

– Use this app to download files to make highly recommended.
Of course, always keep in mind that it is by no means possible to download at a faster rate than the speed set by the company providing Internet services, you can only by optimizing the system and using different tools from the maximum bandwidth Get your own internet speed, if you are really unhappy with the speed of your Internet connection, or much lower than the amount guaranteed by the Internet service provider, you should contact your support company.

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