Intergraph SmartPlant Foundation 2014 v05.00.00.0018 Download

Download Intergraph SmartPlant Foundation 2014 v05.00.00.0018 - information management software power plants and large industrial units

Intergraph SmartPlant Foundation is the name of a famous company specialized products to manage and collect information power plant and large industrial units are designed and developed. With a Mac, thesoftware industrial complex managers can see at a glance all the information about your plant or factory examine. With this software can securely hold all the data to the factory and was analyzed. Many large companies to manage their systems, this software will help.

With this software we can all device data, machines, workers, buildings, security codes, RFID circuits and RFQ and many other fine collect and manage data with a Mac, this software can be the smallest changes in the factory has been informed and take action.

Personal information workers, employees and managers are kept fully safe and with one click you can obtain a list of all the people in the factory. All legal and financial information in the system and can be accessed at any time and change.

Key Features Intergraph SmartPlant Foundation:
– Manage and collect all the information industrial units, factories and power plants
– Registration of personal data of workers, employees and managers
– Submit information on all devices and equipment
– Registration Information Engineering, flowcharts and engineering data
– Registration of financial information and the rights of all people working in the factory
– Manage and modify the recorded data
– High security database
– Very fast access to data requested

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