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Download Inboard v1.0.10 MacOSX - Software Organize and manage images for Mac

For better and faster management of images and view them within the Mac always software is required in this regard. Inboard software for organizing pictures that will help you see your data organized according to your own taste . This software is designed to collect images that are in folders on your system and you forgot to organize them and use them for your projects. The software interface is very simple and similar to software is capable Pinterest. It supports the formats PNG, JPG, GIF, PSD, AI, PDF, EPS support. With this application you can also see the elimination of unnecessary organized list to a desired photo collection on the basis of quality, file size, date Photos and generally prepare an archive of your collection of images.
In addition, the software Inboard powerful tool to manage your images. This application allows you to view, enhance, organize, edit, publish and print your images gives. Software Inboard features such as easy access to all folders, input images, and more. Appearance is very beautiful and is designed for professional and intensive digital memory types such as digital cameras and other Portable Memory supported and connected to the images inside with one click. In addition, with this application you can prepare your own photo collection and then easily put them in a network of great social place in cyberspace.

A key feature of the software Inboard:
– Simple and easy user interface
– Ability to see from the screen
– User interface is very beautiful and famous software similar to Pinterest
– Full-screen imaging and the quality of your favorite websites
– Reset Likes you Dribble
– Import or export images with ZIP files for easy transport
– Organize definition images with folders and tags
– Ability to Load quick photo Thumbnail
– The Mac ‘s easy access to all the folders in one place
– A familiar interface for users of two professional models and compact
– The ability to log images from digital memory with just a click
– The ability to capture videos playing
– The ability to open multiple windows management
– Supported formats PNG, JPG, GIF, PSD, AI, PDF, EPS

But what distinguishes this software with other software to organize and manage images mean?
Software Inboard through lightweight design and the use of algorithms with scalable runtime, which helps you in the shortest possible time to do their work in organizing your own images. You can also tag your photos simultaneously with a favorite photo subject or location, such as tag photos. You can also export your projects and reinstall Mac OS Khvdd enter them in the software.

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