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Download IDPhoto Processor v3.0.32 - processing software personnel group photo

Personnel needed for making ID cards or cards with personal images of specified formats and sizes. When the number of low cards is the preparation of these photos will be easy, but if a large number of cards and photos, and also different image format and size of a time consuming and processing of all will be difficult. IDPhoto Processor comprehensive tool for processing a group photo personals. Import photos taken by the user to automatically detect faces and began to set and edit photos with the user selection criteria and in the end it in the folder you want the user with the format specified.

A key feature of the software IDPhoto Processor:
– Fully automatic face detection
– Cutting photos by face and settings
– Support common photo formats
– Adjust brightness and contrast photos
– Resize images according to user preferences
– Processing group of images with different formats
– Automatically save user images in the folder view
– And …

IDPhoto Processor Screenshot 1 IDPhoto Processor Screenshot 2 IDPhoto Processor Screenshot 3 IDPhoto Processor Screenshot 4 IDPhoto Processor Screenshot 5

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