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Hugo 2011 (2D / 3D SBS) – the film Hugo (2D / 3D) DOWNLOAD

Download Hugo 2011 (2D / 3D SBS) - the film Hugo (2D / 3D) (dubbed in Farsi)
(93/2/1) changes:
Full HD 3D version was added.
Persian dubbed version was added to 720p.
Sound Persian separately added.
Version 3D with 1080p added.
Persian dubbed version was added in 1080p.

Hugo is a precocious child with the mysterious world of the 1930s, lives in Paris and his father’s job maintenance and service hours are available at train stations. Hugo caused by fathers passion for Dastgahhay Mac has sought to complete mechanical small mechanical figure that is sent by his father, but the father would be found in a museum in a dilemma between choosing to live in an orphanage or run continuously, the be.
Hugo has chosen the latter have now been in hiding in the tunnels and railway stations are going through a difficult life. Hyogo who steal small food and spent their lives will continue to urge the dream of complete robot. Hugo lives in the affected user familiarity with sullen and grouchy old man Melis name is changed when he caught stealing a piece of toy cars, but eventually attract decisive role in the wisdom, and the intelligence and of his there is a lot Hugo play he does. But the old man is not an ordinary person but a brilliant past and Hugo to understand this ma
n is trying to take its past.

Awards this film are:
– Oscar-winning Best Cinematography
– Won the Oscar for best art direction
– Oscar for Best Sound
– Oscar for Best Sound Editing
– Oscar for Best Special Effects
– Nominated for best picture
– Nominated for an Oscar for Best Director
– Nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay
– Nominated for an Oscar for Best Costume Design
– Nominated for an Oscar for best editing
– Nominated for the Oscar for best soundtrack

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