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How It’s Made: Fur Coats / Hearses / Outdoor Lighting Fixtures / Golf Tees S08E12

Download How It's Made: Fur Coats / Hearses / Outdoor Lighting Fixtures / Golf Tees S08E12 1999 - documented way of making Jerez coats, hearses, outdoor lighting fixtures, golf tees

Have you ever wondered tools, equipment or products that you use every day are made how?
Documentary How It’s Made you familiar with the operations of the various products.
This documentary series that aired from 1999 started with a very welcoming face, so that still, build and play continues. The first documentary channel Discovery Channel aired the rest of the network such as Ztélé, The Science Channel, Discovery Science, Discovery Science IT, Discovery Channel Polska were released.

This document has been translated into several languages, the narrator of the documentary process of making each product explains, usually 3 to 4 per half hour to introduce the product and it’s a short history and shows that the basic version of this Where is the product of what has been and what people previously used, description of each product and showing each of them takes approximately 5 minutes with the exception of sophisticated products and expertise they have more time.
Now you, too, if you want to create a production line, if you want your efforts and a Mac productive way to make friends, the same steps if you want to see your products and similar products, if you want to make a difference in your manufacturing you will not miss this golden collection and use it as a database audiovisual collection which will provide you with 600 production lines and will provide the type of product.

In this episode we’re familiar with:
– Way of making Jerez coat / Fur Coats
– How to build a hearse / Hearses
– How to build outdoor lighting / Outdoor Lighting Fixtures
How to build a golf tees / Golf Tees

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