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HoudahSpot can certainly one of the most powerful search tool in Mac announced that all its search operation times Spotlight database does. This software is small and light, very advanced features that distinguish it from all its competitors. It’s just a few seconds all the disk space of the Index and is ready to work, the Index has advanced and extensive database, search speed increases up to 20 times.

Key features of the software HoudahSpot:
– Fastest search engine for the operating system Mac based on the Spotlight
– Search all files and folders by default
– Ability to define and restrict Filter Search
– Share files with other apps
– Update the moment (Real-time) database
– Ability to run as a Service
– Uses very few system resources.
– The interface is simple and easy
– compact program
– Free software
– And …

But what is the difference HoudahSpot than other similar software?
– High speed and file classification Index:
The first thing to be seen in the work with the program, Speed ​​Index of disk space. This program, unlike other similar programs, completely separate database that is managed by the program itself. It’s only the advanced method within a few seconds all the information is classified into drive and ready to work.

– High speed search:
Having separate database and utilizes parallel or Parallel Searching Search This program is able to perform search operations in the shortest possible time.

– Update moment or Real-time database:
Other software is required to occasionally database to be updated to the latest changes in the files, disk programs be considered, but the program immediately their database regularly update it, so that if the slightest change in or even the name of the file size, the program will immediately update its database.

– Simple and compact software environments:
The application user interface is very simple and, as far as possible we try to work with it easy for even the most novice users can use it while this application is very compact and the least resources system.

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