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If you can not deal with simple problems and repairs at home. In modern life and rapid technological progress may have not had the time to learn about home repairs. This tutorial will teach you step by step how to do it yourself home repairs problems would incur high costs do not repair. Everything is easy. In thistutorial we will explain to you the problem? Then the necessary points and at the end of maintenance operations to be quite simple using the necessary tools to teach you. This training can even teach you the basics of a repair job to be able to take advantage of this business.

The topics covered in this set training is as follows:

Woodworking Techniques: Tips and problems with the suspension, flooring, panels, bathroom fittings are taught.

Painting and Decorating: various methods of paint, wallpaper, old paint, paint timber, separate radiators, ceiling painting will be taught.

Piping: to replace tap water connections washing machine or dishwasher, with tube bending and welding, replace gasket, clean the sink and the plumbing taught points.

Tiling: Kitchen and bathroom tiling, measurement techniques to prepare, jointing techniques, and so are the titles that will be taught in this section.

Home security: security door home, door fittings fitting, light security at home and you are trained in security.

Annual maintenance home: re-grouting tiles and roof, cleaning gutters and tiles, radiator repair, repairing main pipes, etc. in the annual PM Maintenance will also be taught.

Boiler house: replace radiators, drains, boilers, education Trmvastatyk pipe fittings, clean the boiler house, pump and troubleshooting renewal of all of the topics that are taught in this section.

Building and Home Repair: laying cement walls and fences Barbie Q, and all things that are taught in this section.

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