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Download Life After People: The Bodies Left Behind - Documentary earth after the destruction of human life, Chapter I, Part I: The bodies left
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Welcome to Planet Earth: Population = 0!
If man suddenly disappear from the earth, for the world, leaving behind what will happen? What is happening to our historic buildings and monuments symbolic, domestic and wild animals and plants, trees etc. to come? What creatures will be replaced on the planet? What our existence on this planet proves and what will survive of us on this planet and is abandoned by the remnants of human civilization will be more than a million years?

These are all questions that the documentary Life After People in their beautiful and exciting to be answered, and the History Channel amazing view different times in relation to the planet will provide after human extinction how, Each day, month and year in which the disappearance of the old man on the ground, the fate of environments, different cities and landscapes change, when big cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, DC are ravaged by nature , to better understand this journey will be deserted villages around the Chernobyl nuclear disaster after it was abandoned, then travel to remote islands off the coast of the state of Maine in North America in search of abandoned towns that only in recent decades have been wiped from the screen when most populous Mac are on the ground, and then we’re going to limit the streets of New York to see how subway tunnels may become channels of water Tdyl , History Channel takes you to an amazing journey in a series Life After, through exciting adventures that computer a unique special effects like film projections with various experts in the fields of engineering, biology, geology, botany, ecology , meteorology and archeology to demonstrate how the landscape of our planet and the changes in its absence we will be set up to win and in each episode, viewers witness the destruction of buildings and symbolic monuments of human towers Sears Tower and the Astrodome to building Chrysler Building and so will be the Sistine Chapel Church, also see the Big Ben clock tower of the ticking stops, and the International Space Station (ISS) in just a few years will fall out of orbit and on the ground while The monuments such as the “symbol of independence” and mummified remains of King Tutankhamen will remain for decades.

Summary box: Here we are in control of what happens to the bodies of the remaining humans. Most of the bodies are buried by some of them to become mummies and some freeze due to low temperature.But really all of humanity is destroyed? Or some sign of human life is left behind? Like the Statue of Liberty or soaring towers.
The journey to the future of the world’s great cities and places that represent the human civilization after the destruction of man.

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