Grid 2 Game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Download

Download GRID 2 PS3, XBOX 360 - Game Grid 2 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

(92/10/19) Changes:
Xbox 360 version added!

Mercedes SL65 AMG in a car sitting and waiting for the countdown to the end and enter our contest. On a hot afternoon in Chicago and Mac Windy City’s beautiful that you are attracted to them. Countdown ends and gas pressure so that Circuit racing is two away to leave behind. GRID 2 is a detailed graphic of a dazzling encounter. Fast car you can make the newspaper that people have been spreading around the race track, go-to-air! Trees are a beautiful form, and you can also see them shaking leaves.
When we’re racing, distracting environment and to take his side. The art in this game is fantastic, and the goal is that the graphics so much to the movie that made ​​this tournament are convert.

Less likely to play driving so much of the attention has been focused on art and design. Sound systems play a very large developments and the excellent way you can affect. Game sound system so that all the details of the Mac that will be displayed and the sound of cars, the environment and the people will hear it as well.Sound effects of the game are fantastic and over from different places and the different sounds you hear.Your car engine sound to the environment and the places where it moves, and changes, and the pressure on it will feel good.
Even the sound is designed so that you can estimate the distance from your car’s headrest.AI is also better than the previous version and now many of the games must compete in terms of GRID 2.GRID 2 can be mechanical in cars as the strengthening of the control (Handling) it gets better and better sense of driving time you move. Collision system in this game is an incredible thing. It is designed to look like a car tire design remains well on track and you change the mode in less than a hundredth of a second will be dusty ground. Environment than cars are very different. The wheel design is seen in every part of the environment. 

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