Gravity 2013 – Videos attractions DOWNLOAD

Download Gravity 2013 - Videos attractions (dubbed in Farsi)
(93/1/5) changes:
Dubbed by the IRIB.
Persian dubbed version with subtitles in 720p and 1080p been dubbed episodes were added.
Voice dubbed in Farsi with the dubbing were not added.

Ryan Stone and Matt Kowalski its work to improve the Hubble Space Telescope during a spacewalk doing, but at the same time, the explosion caused confusion in space and then must try to survive.
Among the 250 films in the history of the number 182
Oscar for Best Special Effects 

Oscar winner for best director
Won the Oscar for best soundtrack
Oscar for Best Sound
Oscar-winning Best Cinematography
Won the Oscar for best editing
Nominated for best play the leading fem
ale role, best film and best art direction.
And won more than 150 awards and nominations.

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