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Download Gran Turismo 6 PS3 - PlayStation 3 game Gran Turismo 6

3 years have passed since the release of Gran Turismo 5, a title that was accompanied by a large margin and with a gap of 6 years compared to its predecessor, failed to meet expectations as well. Super Series Gran Turismo expectations due to record high on supply natural and fifth with the previous version, this version had more expectations. The core of Gran Turismo 5 is well designed and was seen in various parts of it interesting, but the final structure of the game had a lot of problems with any good thing, there was no point. Now after 3 years and while many expect the next version of Gran Turismo and soon had published the sixth edition of the most popular as Sony and Polyphony Digital plans to offer a better and more complete experience of the past . GT series has always been a quality gameplay and this time we will see improvement in this area.
The most important change in this area goes back to suspension or suspension cars, the most effective system that can be transferred to the car’s movements on the road and this time the PD with a Mac KM Automotive companies to collect data in the field and In GT6 see photos on car road will be a natural response. The other tire modeling is concerned, the issue that in a game of high importance and GT6 Racing also having a wide range of tires in different parts of the tires for the racing and street circuits to rally, according This is special. The PD relationship with famous companies Yokohama Rubber worked to improve the sector’s GT6. According to the states, over the past aerodynamic cars and each car to its size and form factor, specific to simulation and physics used in them has been with the progress, so that the GT5 and GT6 experience together, it is easy to notice the changes in gameplay and physics were played. One of the strengths of GT5, graphics super technical that it was yet to one of the biggest parts of the game also became marginalized. GT5 in parts of the base on PS3 hardware were designed, eye-catching graphics and was very spectacular. Premium cars, beautiful resorts and the effects of smoke and dust, along with day and night cycles and effects of snow and rain caused by something admirable face. But on the opposite side such as standard cars, some quality tracks, problems with shading and frame drops were on hand to visual values ​​questioned. PD in GT6 to improve many visual problems previous versions have largely been successful.Shadows and increased their quality, frame rate, especially at 720p game less difficult, a number of not-so-beautiful resort previous version faced with improvements in total the game seems more beautiful than the last. According to the creators of the quality of the cars a little better and had a lot of cases where problems have also undergone many changes. One of the biggest drawbacks of the previous version was not a view from inside (cockpit) standard in cars that unfortunately this is also seen in this version of the car or at an angle with the cockpit is very simple to presented GT5 update are, or do not support this angle. One of the most important visual features GT6 Adaptive Tessellation techniques will be used. Technical dealt with three-dimensional modeling and polygons to different conditions change. In this way, the car is near you, more polygons and cars that are far away from you, with less polygons and this process makes the game faster.HDR rendering engine as well as a significant improvement compared to the previous GT6 effects such as motion blur and lighting quality and have also seen a lot of changes.

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