Google Chrome v59.0.3071.104 Stable + Chromium v61.0.3115.0 x86 / x64 – Internet browser software

Download Google Chrome v59.0.3071.104 Stable + Chromium v61.0.3115.0 x86 / x64 - Google Chrome Internet browser software

Web browser (Web Browser) In summary, the application is said to be the main task of receiving, displaying and browsing information from Network World Internet is. Since 1990, many software companies and organizations offering web browser, and today this category of software is an integral element of any operating system and without doubt one of the most used software applications are considered.

Google Chrome is a web browser app is free and supported by Google, the software layout engine Blink (Blink) for processing the page. The application was published for the first time in 12 Shahrivar 1387 and to date more than 40 copies of it have been introduced.

Key features of the software Google Chrome:
– High speed of loading pages
– Using Blink layout engine
– Web browsing in Incognito mode
– Sync with Google account settings and user information.
– access and easy management Bookmark the
– Do Not Track feature
– Ability to install different plugins
– Supports all versions of Windows
– Automatic and easy software update

Web browser software all the same functionality, so they will not be seen making a difference in the characteristics of a particular browser usually returns to the user’s preferences and other personal factors, but the introduction of multi-functionality of this application is not unpleasant.

– Ability Incognito:
Browsing In this case you have a Mac it until after you close the program, all data during the session (Session) on your system is automatically deleted, so any information on the sites visited and other files, such as Cookie and so the system can not be saved.

– The Browser Sync with Google account:
If your browser to your Google account connect all your data and settings of your browser on your personal account is stored and enables you to reinstall Windows or software, you all your data return immediately, even Google can also connect your mobile phone to your settings on the phone apply.

– The Do Not Track:
This feature allows you to enable the browser to sites that you visit respectfully request that you refrain from tracking a user’s privacy to be maintained.

– Automatic translation of foreign pages:
If any screen other than the language the browser is set to open on it, the program will automatically suggest to you that if the entire contents of the site utilizes Google Translate into your language restored.

– Supports a wide variety of different operating systems:
It supports Windows XP to Windows 10 fully supports and runs on the Windows Mobile iOS and Android is installed.

The introduction of 64-bit version of the program:
64-bit version of the browser was first released in version 37 for Windows 64-bit. The unique features in this version include faster application performance, maximum support more RAM, reduce the number of software Crash and more efficient use of system resources can be mentioned.

Chromium (Chromium) with Google Chrome and what are the differences?
Chromium is an open source project that is supported by the The Chromium Project update, the project name of the element chromium, chromium metal that has been made of it.

As Google refers to it, was Chromium is an open source project and the final product is called Google Chrome, but some of the developers of software source code in the software released independently under the name Chromium.

Since Google Chrome and Chromium source code is the same, there is little difference in the characteristics of the software are only a few minor differences.

In short, Google Chrome and Chromium exactly which of the following has been added:
1. Limitation of installing the plug just the Chrome Web Store
2. Integration of Adobe Flash Player in the browser
3. Put the ability to print web pages
4. Change the name to Google Chrome
5. Automatic software update in a feature called Google Update
6. Ability to write technical information and use the browser to Google servers
7. supports more formats of audio and video on web pages

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