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Goodsync Enterprise v9.9.30 DOWNLOAD

 – software synchronization and Backup Files

Download Goodsync Enterprise v9.9.30 - software synchronization and Backup Files
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Have you ever wanted to have two or more branches in two different locations to coordinate and synchronize them? Yes, but it’s difficult to do this job easily.
Pro GoodSync Pro full for backup and file synchronization processes are. The software automatically analyzes, synchronizes and backs up emails , photos and important documents and family finance, MP3, and other important files do. As well as connectivity with Windows Mobile and Windows server is capable of and communication with the protocols FTP, SFTP, WebDAV is also complete convergences come.

A key feature of the software Goodsync Enterprise:
– The volume is very low and is fully compatible with the operating system Windows 
– The high speed and low memory space.
– Ability to synchronize two folders located on a local disk, Network Server (SMB), FTP server WebDAV server, Secure FTP (SSH) server, Amazon S3 server
– Reconnect for Remote folders
– Online backup encrypted channels
– Ability to search for the selected folder
– General byte count for all levels
– Flexible and easy automatic synchronization
– Relationship with Pocket PC
– Filtering properties to backup specific files
– Use simple software.
– No show backup files in case the user needs
– A general list of proposed actions
– Has small windows for special applications
– And …

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