GEOVIA Minex v6.5.293.0 x64 Software Download

Download GEOVIA Minex v6.5.293.0 x64 - Software geology and mineral project planning
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Mining operations, including projects that need to spend money, time and extensive resources to achieve the best and most favorable results and the process is so painstaking and difficult career, including 10 engineering and mining professionals known in the world hard be. Because of this sensitivity and hard work of engineers and researchers in this field to software and specialized resources to manage and improve your performance needs. GEOVIA Minex one of the best and most well-known applications in the field of geology and planning, and mining operations and especially coal mining projects is extensive and special tools for resource management and project process puts at the disposal of its users. Using this software, you can simulate a variety of geological structure and manage all aspects of the operation of mines.

A key feature of the software GEOVIA Minex:
– Advanced and powerful 3D modeling environment
– Modeling triangular facets and network and calculate the volume
– Ability to build and calculate data point and linear
– Loading boreholes files ASCII, ODBC and acQuire
– Advanced tools for modeling fault
– Process management and transportation of waste disposal
– Use of standard algorithms for the simulation Grossman holes and cavities
– Careful management of resources and time spent for project
– Create a detailed plan for underground and surface mines
– And …

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