FunctionBay RecurDyn V9R1 SP1.3 x64 – android software download

Download FunctionBay RecurDyn V9R1 SP1.3 x64 - Software for simulating and controlling mechanical properties of mechanical parts

FunctionBay is one of the pioneers of software engineering for Macintosh computers, one of the company’s strong software applications, FunctionBay RecurDyn . The software utilizes a very powerful calculation system based on the recursive formula and combines the multibody dynamic method and the nonlinear finite element method. It also supports other computer-assisted engineering technologies such as system control modeling and nonlinear optimization at the system level that supports the software in many industries including automotive, shipbuilding, railways, robotics, heavy industries , Military, mechanical and applied electronic devices. Features include CoLink design, fatigue analysis, program side tools, user customization, design optimization tools for product innovation, time saving, reduced costs associated with design and simulation of manufactured products. Slowly

Using this software, the user can design a model with all the basic elements, such as body, levers and forces, joints and contact points, and also import CAD files in the format Parasolid, STEP, IGES, ACIS and CATIA format. It is designed to create equipment models, define equipment elements, display animations , or mark designs. Also, the user can create various conditions for testing and troubleshooting, and then he addresses these deficiencies. By using the tools embedded in the software, each user can personalize the software according to their needs. The MFBD analysis feature, which combines the MBD method with the finite element method, is to simulate moving and flexible sets, and the user can accurately analyze dynamic stress and analyze system levels based on criteria such as level coloring Different and variable inertial forces with time.

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