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Flying Logic pro v2.2.12 x64 Download

 Download Flying Logic pro v2.2.12 x64 - software for graphical planning and project management

Most of the time management and project planning, personal goals, work plans, etc., need to understand and clear picture of all the factors, details and goals that using software project management and scheduling routine that only a set of numbers and graphs make it the Mac is not.Flying Logic powerful software for planning and project management, strategic planning, business and personal, as illustrated by process improvement and … where users instead of working with a lot of numbers, charts and graphs and charts Fixed bug graphics of, photos , trees, flowcharts, concept maps and graphs to easily manage dynamic will be dealt and will be in addition to an understanding of project details and changes that should be applied.

A key feature of the software Flying Logic:
– Can be used for various purposes
– Environment graphics with a simple operation
– The MAC graph and tree related to the design of the project
– Ability to edit all the graphs, flowcharts and …
– Displacement or errors in their structure unchanged
– And …

Flying Logic Screenshot 1 Flying Logic Screenshot 2 Flying Logic Screenshot 3

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