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Download FiFa 16 Demo - FIFA 16 preview

Preview version of the game FIFA 16 for PlayStation platforms 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PC was released. Preview FIFA 16 lets you try the friendly matches, the FIFA Ultimate Team Draft, the training and new skills before the start of the tournament. Players also can race the women’s football teams. Preview teams in America and Germany are also present. But in the original version of one of the new sections added to FIFA 16, tournaments that will be held before the start of each season. In this section, players lead a team and take over important decisions in relation to the lineups and tactics that are being run on the playground. By winning each match, the players deposit account with which it can do irritant transfer of new features added to the game FIFA 16, section exercises. In between matches, players can identify as the head coach of your team’s weaknesses and fix them. According to the creators talk, do not have much time to the players and the user does not take away the fun of the original.

Teams in the preview:

Borussia Dortmund
Borussia Mönchengladbach
Inter Milan
Manchester City
Paris Saint-Germain
Real Madrid
River Plate
Seattle Sounders

Source: Zvmjy

FiFa 16 Demo Screenshot 1 FiFa 16 Demo Screenshot 2 FiFa 16 Demo Screenshot 3 FiFa 16 Demo Screenshot 4 FiFa 16 Demo Screenshot 5

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