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Download Fedora 22 Workstation x86 / x64 - Linux Fedora
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Fedora Workstation is a computer operating system called Linux distribution provided with a desk desktopis GNOME Shell 3.16 is produced by members of the Fedora Project. The project is sponsored by Red Hat. The project aims to produce a multi-Mnzvrhast operating system that has been created entirely of free software packages. This distribution is made so easily installed and configured for the intended purpose. This software is easy to install and set them to work with the system software, the Mac is not. And software packages they need are easily available by using Yum. Every six or eight months a new version of Fedora is released. Many programs come with the operating system.

The project ended in 2003 when Red Hat Linux project was begun. Red Hat Linux Red Hat Linux Professional suggested that all users of the company as an alternative to using the previous version did not support. The Fedora Project is to create an operating system at the same time completely free to the public which began professional activity in Linux Red Hat operating system users also used. Some critics have reason to believe that professional users of Red Hat Linux Fedora Linux are in fact testers. Linux Fedora Linux offers commercial publishers will welcome this development was the launch of a generic version close to the commercial version of the public version of the commercial version of the test environment.

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