FastCopy v3.40 – software download

Download FastCopy v3.40 - Manage and speed up copy, transfer, and delete operations on Windows

FastCopy is one of the fastest software available for copying, transferring, and deleting in Windows . The Unicode software supports files with a length of more than 260 characters (MAX PATH) and Unix filters, and it does not cause any slowdown or failure to read and write operations without interfering with the operating system cache. System malfunction will not be affected. In addition, FastCopy uses special methods to detect whether the source and destination of the files are on a hard disk or storage space, thus greatly increasing the speed of data exchange.

Key Features of FastCopy Software :
– One of the fastest software available to carry out the operation
– Supports Unicode and Unix filters
– Supports files with over 260 characters
– Lightweight graphical interface and function without interfere with system resources and cache
– And …

FastCopy Screenshot 1 FastCopy Screenshot 2

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