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Download EViews v10.0 Build November 30, 2017 x86 / x64 - Estimation of systems and economic models, especially for students and professors in economics

EViews is a specialized software specializing in the application of econometric methods, especially its new methods. The initial version of the software was launched by the World Bank in 1994 to carry out econometric analysis, and various versions have been available since then. From the viewpoint of many econometric researchers, the easy use of VAR (unlimited and structural) and ARIMA models is one of the advantages of this software over other similar software. It is clear, however, that if economic researchers are to seriously engage in economic research, it is essential to familiarize themselves with the developmentof new econometric techniques with high-end software such as EViews.

Given the widespread occurrence of modern economics and economic models, and the complexity of the relationship between economic variables, it is no longer possible to analyze and estimate systems and economic models without the use of software . The EViews software was first launched in 1994 and aims to conduct econometric analysis and statistical analysis of economic data. The root of EViews is actually the two words Econometric Views, which combines these two words with the name of this software.

Key features of EViews software:
– Calculating time series and creating them
– Linear and nonlinear estimates of simple system of equations and simultaneous equation system
– Draw circular, bar, and spherical distribution graphs and other functional charts
– Creating databases
– Estimation of economic models by methods MLE, Probit, Logit, 3SLS, 2SLS, TSLS, OLS, GLS. Of course, the algorithm and program written for the MLE method are not fully functional and have errors in the estimation of nonlinear models.
– Use the matrices and functions contained within the application
– Estimate economic models with VAR and VECM methods
– Ability to exchange information with other Windows software
– Creating databases
– Different tests for accuracy of estimates and error analysis, correlation, structural failure and …
– The possibility of programming in the software environment for the analysis of macroeconomic systems
– And …

Brief program tutorials :
In this application, if you want to estimate a model, you must first create a Workfile. If you want to create a database, you can create a database or database, and if you plan on programming, you can create a special programming window in this software. In this article, there is much to be said about programming and creating a database, and it is more about the ability to estimate economic and statistical models. When creating a Workfile, you need to specify the type of your data, which is a cross-sectional or time series, as well as the range and scope of your observations. In the type of time series data, there are choices like daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, 6-month and yearly data, and you can also use panel data.

Using the software commands and menus, you can create any number of variables that you need in the model you want to estimate. You can enter the data inside each variable manually into the software, and you can import other software like Excel into the Eviews software, which you must use to import the import. You can also use the Export command if you want to transfer data from Eviews to Excel.

After estimating the model using menus or using software commands, this software calculates a number of factors. In addition to obtaining the coefficients of estimation and regression, the t test is also used to examine the coefficients simultaneously and also obtains the mean and variance of the independent and dependent variables. The F test performed for the meaningfulness of the total coefficients and the estimate, and also calculates the probability and coefficient of confidence for meaningful coefficients and shows the results in the table. In addition, there are other parameters such as R-squared, which indicates that the dependent variable in the estimated independent variable has been explained. Other parameters are also shown in the table that apply to some tests.

Apart from the parameters shown in a table when the model is estimated, you can also calculate other tests for a more detailed examination of the model as well as other parameters of the variables. For example, the Wald test indicates whether or not the estimated coefficients in the model are significant, or through this test, various constraints and assumptions can be made between coefficients such as coefficients equal to a certain value, or the zero of a coefficient, the relationship between the two Or multi-factors, and whether or not there are any relationships between the two variables. With the Omitted Variable test, you can test whether the variable used in the model has an effect on the estimate, and if we exclude it from the model, does it have a great impact on the accuracy of the model estimation, and a number of other tests that the user is considering with It can use the model it uses and its purpose.

You can test the assumptions contained in the software in different models and methods, and if in some cases these assumptions were violated, use the software to resolve this breach of assumptions and modify your estimated model. do. For example, you can use the software to identify problems such as self-correlation, co-linear, variance, and error correction, and if you find these problems in the estimated model, you can fix it by using the software.

Using this software, you can also analyze dynamic systems and provide a system of simultaneous equations in which an intrinsic variable is a function of one or more exogenous variables and several other endogenous variables, and other endogenous variables are also Likewise, estimate and analyze it.

There are many functions and methods for estimating econometrics in this software, and there is no need to perform operations step by step, and the software automatically performs these steps. Learning this software is recommended to all students in economics because almost all theses of this software and econometrics are used and the mastery of this software can be a great help to students.

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