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EnhanceMySe7en Pro v2.15.1 – DOWNLOAD DIRECTLY

Download EnhanceMySe7en Pro v2.15.1 - optimization software Windows 7
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Windows 7 is the latest operating system of Microsoft Windows is set among users of Windows operating system has a certain popularity. This Windows very fast and efficient as a replacement for Windows XP and Vista, is very satisfying. The earlier versions of Windows, as well as application of its own.EnhanceMySe7en Pro contains tools such as Registry Cleaner for Windows registry cleanup, Disk Cleaner to clean up the extra files and unused hard drive, Defragmenter to defragment the files on the hard disk , the Startup items to manipulate the programs that run on Windows loads, Hard Drives Monitor to monitor hard drive health, Processes to control program execution in the CPU and System Information section to display information system is complete. EnhanceMySe7en Pro software in the full and very powerful in terms of efficiency and control system.

A key feature of the software EnhanceMySe7en:
– A means of identification in order to identify unknown software installed on the operating system
– Tool management startup
– Registry cleaning and optimization tool that
– Disk Cleaner has the ability to find files or folders that have disk space and display it as a graph
– A file management tool, system, network and system security
– A network optimization tool to increase efficiency and speed of communications
– Ability to customize the desktop system, menus, toolbar and alarm settings
– Have the ability Disk Defragmenter to defragment the hard drive and the amount of the distribution system files

– Ability to display detailed information Hard Drive Monitor the temperature of the disk, floating head and the rotation speed and …
– Have the ability to optimize the configuration and the speed and stability Optimization
– The Mac that optimize connections speed Internet and quickly download
A very attractive and friendly environment
– And …

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