EFICAD Swood 2015 SP8 x64 – plug carpentry and wood working in SolidWorks Download

Download EFICAD Swood 2015 SP8 x64 - plug carpentry and wood working in SolidWorks
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Swood called plug-ins for SolidWorks is produced by the French company EFICAD. These plug-ins orMac to design and edit all kinds of three-dimensional models made available to their end users and can be a very useful tool for carpenters and builders and home and office furniture is wooden goods. It includes two plug-SWOOD Design and SWOOD CAM with powerful tools that have wooden structures to efficiently model their best.

SWOOD Design: unique plug design is fitting that with a book house full of all connectivity tools, hinges and edges all the obstacles to a comprehensive and integrated design puts at your disposal.SWOOD Box will also feature the name of the designer puts the Mac rapid design of cabinets and drawers provide for them.

SWOOD CAM: plug- documented parameters of structures and models and is also programming for CNC machines. The plugin is fully integrated with the three-dimensional model designed to manage the operations of cutting and drilling, cutting, drilling, etc. to be handled.

A key feature plug Swood:
– Manage the amount of substance
– Connect the panels and pieces of wood with traditional systems or mechanical
– A comprehensive library of tools for woodworking
– A library of ready models, windows, shelves, drawers and …
– The use of samples and tools just drag and drop
– Write data to optimize cutting programs
– Create output formats CSV, HTML, edrawing, PDF, …
– Coding and manage all kinds of cutting machines, laser and CNC
– Controlled cutting operations, drilling and …
– Perform all woodworking operations such as sawing, sanding and laying …
– A library of tools, materials and machining macros
– And …

EFICAD Swood Screenshot 1 EFICAD Swood Screenshot 2

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5 Replies to “EFICAD Swood 2015 SP8 x64 – plug carpentry and wood working in SolidWorks Download”

  1. Hello,
    When i want to lunch swood i have this message “swoodcam.cfg is missing”.
    Can you help me?

  2. Swoodcam.Cfg is missing for me too
    please help about that. If this plugin needs a specified version of solidworks, please inform me. Thanks
    p.s. In fact this plugin starts at the beginning of solidworks and when you want to start a new work, In addition part, drawing and assembly, the new swood should be one of the options to working on a new swood project But It’s doesn’t appear.

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