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Download Easy Learning Serbian v6.0 - Serbian language learning software\
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Serbian language of Indo-European and South Slavic languages Hammond branches and the main language of the group. It Shtokavian dialect is one of the standard species in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and by Serbs scattered in the world is used. The previous standard, known as the Serbian – Croatian, now the standard of Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian been fragmented. Serbian as official languages of minorities in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Romania, Macedonia and Hungary are considered. If you’re interested in Serbian language or are traveling work, study or leisure in the country you’re trying to learn the language, the software can dramatically Easy Learning Serbian to you a Mac does. You can learn the most basic to the most advanced level language not rely on this software because all levels Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced with a variety of courses, tools and focused learning exercises, grammar and a dictionary full comprehensive training and all this training is based on the Europe Union standards have been set.

A key feature of the app Easy Learning Serbian:
– Language training courses with 300 lessons
– Vintage interactive dialogues with the computer
– Learn words by speaking and writing
– Teaching pronunciation with voice recognition feature
– Visual teaching grammar
– A game for learning vocabulary
– Words and sentences linked to reference tools
– The terms of everyday life, travel and business
– Learn the words using flash cards
– Teaching grammar with 190 topics
– Dictionary with 4700 words and 3100 sentence
– 900 verb conjugation tables
– Voice recognition for interactive tutorial dialogues, vocabulary and pronunciation
– The Mac Pro Audio files stored in MP3 format
– Ability to print all lessons, exercises and references
– Set the program and timing for individual learning
– And …

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