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Download Dungeons of Chaos v2.0.328 + Mod - Mobile Dungeon Turbulence Game
(96/7/10) Changes:
Update to version 2.0.328

Dungeons of Chaos is the name of a beautiful and entertaining role-playing game developed by the Prometheusheir RPGs studio and released for the Android operating system. The game has a simple and pixel graphics that adds to the beauty of the game. In this game you will be faced with evil forces and you must start your adventure to win and overcome evil. In this game, you have to do a variety of missions, including using professional tactics, using character skills, and taking advantage of the available spells to reach your main goal. The game has a vast array of discoveries that can keep you entertained for hours.

Game Features Mobile Dungeons of Chaos:
– Integration with Android OS; In the spirit of old games
– Extensive environment for discovering with addictive gameplay with 2D views from top to bottom
– Variety of characters, classes, spells and various skills for deployment
– Receive a variety of rewards by advancing missions assigned to you
– Types of treasures and hidden items outside of the steps to discover by you
– Variety of items to combine and create a variety of weapons and super tools
– Difficulty level settings to choose the degree of difficulty match up to your age

Changes in version 1.9.250 
– New features + Various optimizations

Dungeons of Chaos Screenshot 1 Dungeons of Chaos Screenshot 2 Dungeons of Chaos Screenshot 3 Dungeons of Chaos Screenshot 4

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