GetDataBack Simple v5.00 + for NTFS & FAT v4.33 + Runtime Live ISO – Software Recovering Deleted files.

Download GetDataBack Simple v5.00 + for NTFS & FAT v4.33 + Runtime Live ISO - The software for recovering deleted files.

GetDataBack is perhaps the most rescue- free game app for users. The software has been used by users since 2001 more than millions of times. Simple version of the software is simple and simple for ordinary users. The firmware version is for NTFS and FAT separately. This software is the only software that optimizes search and retrieval settings and is therefore very powerful.

Using its algorithm and advanced technology, the software tracks every single hard drive and keeps everything you can read with your system and stores all the information you have in the folded folder for you. It displays and displays so you can easily play your deleted information.

Key Features of GetDataBack Software:
– Retrieve any “file” with header definition function for searching files with arbitrary extensions
– Hard disk recovery in any situation, even if it is not known by the system
– Full recovery of lost partitions for any reason
– Customization of Professional Recovery Operations
– Simple, lightweight and written in Read-Only

Runtime Live ISO is a Linux based Knoppix portable operating system that includes all Runtime software, in addition to GetDataBack Simple, and for NTFS and for FAT, you also have access to more specialized software such as DiskExplorer and Disk Digger. In fact, this is the latest software solution to recover lost data.

GetDataBack Simple + For NTFS / FAT Screenshot 1 GetDataBack Simple + For NTFS / FAT Screenshot 2 GetDataBack Simple + For NTFS / FAT Screenshot 3 GetDataBack Simple + For NTFS / FAT Screenshot 4 GetDataBack Simple + For NTFS / FAT Screenshot 5

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