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Download Almeza MultiSet Professional v8.7.3 - Windows with automatic installation software CD

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Perhaps it has had on the market CDs windows seen to be equipped with automatic installation. To use this feature, the user just put the CD on your computer and select the option to install it. After this operation, all of the options are fully automatic and does not require the user to be involved in this. Using this feature will save time. If you want to drive fully automated Windows XP that is installed and you have questions about the name and serial number, and date and time ask, Almeza MultiSet Professional answers you need. With Almeza MultiSet Professional In addition to the automatic installation of Windows, with the introduction of softwareused and the drivers you need this software, it also will be installed automatically.

Software Almeza MultiSet Professional is a powerful tool that gives you a Mac to making a CD of Windows with the ability to automatically install it. Open the program and select a new project, then the options available to you that can see the same options when installing Windows. However, options are enough to fill you and to your taste. It is noteworthy that all of the information you enter here after installing Windows, and the Windows registry are identical in profile. This information includes the name, computer name, password, local time, serial number Windows, Windows languages, keyboard and typed information and more. Making this kind of CD you can help those who do not know how to install Windows and Windows for them to make automatic installation. The capabilities of this program can automatically adjust the software after installing Windows, make CDs or disks bootable, automatically revert to the original Windows software, remote installation “Remote” Windows and … .
Almeza MultiSet requests all you needed to do on the computer automatically. By doing this, you are doing just put the CD in the CD-ROM is made before and after the time you have your system with all the features you need before you.

A key feature of the software Almeza MultiSet Professional:
– Ability to build Windows installation CD automatically
– Automatically restore software and Windows settings and the primary mode
– Automatic installation of any software after installing Windows without user intervention
– Create a boot disk for the user’s convenience in having the graphics of Windows
– Automatic installation of remote Windows under the network or via the Internet or …
– Runs on the local network and automatically installed on all network systems
– And …

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