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Doctor Ali Shariati author, sociologist, historian, researcher from Iran’s religious, political activists and religious activists and theorists was the Islamic Revolution.
Who died at the age of forty-four as suspicious in the UK, and his tomb is now in the  Eni to the shrine of Hazrat Zeinab Kobra in Damascus, Syria.
In addition to its high reputation law to contribute to the revolution in Iran, due to its reputation for the revival of religion and tradition record his activities in the community and oppression is time to reign.Sharia in contemporary literature teacher called martyr. And since the revolution has many monuments have been holding something in his memory. And it took a lot of criticism and glorification of works, votes and influence that he had on contemporary Iranian decades there.
The most popular lecture series has been tried to be collected in the doctor Ali Shariati.

The topics of the lecture series include:
Father, mother, we Mthmym
Ali alone
Ali, the founder of Unity
What we need to Ali?
Shia Alawite and Shia Safavid
Back to Myself
Modern and civilized
Philosophy of history in Islam
Look at the history of tomorrow
After the martyrdom
Lady Islam
Pending the contemporary Muslim woman
Shiite responsibility
History and values ​​in Islam
Muhammad Iqbal, reformer of the last century
Conference Msjdaljvad
Quranic dictionary
We century in search of Ali
Understanding of Islam
A front to infinity zeros
education and training
Hajj (rituals)
Hossein heir to Adam
She (Fatima Fatima)
Monotheism and polytheism
Religion against religion
Birth of the Prophet
Ali, a fact the kind of mythology
Chapter of Rome, a message of hope to the intellectual charge
Beautiful spirit of worship
Intellectual and social responsibility
Ali humans all
Shiite revolutionary role
Immigration and civilization
Expected, religion Qastyn protest, Marqyn, Believers
Where to start
Rendezvous with Abraham
Orientation class
Shiite party all
Consciousness and colonialism
Victory after defeat
Community and leadership in sociology

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