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(96/8/11) Changes:
Update to version 2.9.7

Deep Town: Mining Factory is the name of the popular and popular strategy game genre from the Rockbite Games studio released for the Android operating system. The game has won a good 4.8 out of 5.0 in Google Play. The game has a lightweight strategy in which you will be faced with a science fiction environment where you will control an advanced drill system and your only goal is to collect resources, construction, and production! Each planet’s shell can be very deep and, of course, contains some resources such as metal, diamonds and even scarce resources, your drilling system is very advanced, consisting of digger robots and devices for freezing, exploding and … ! With such advanced equipment, no hard or hard layer can prevent you from digging.

Make your own factory, with the factory you can extract the resources automatically, melt the metal and extract the metal from which it is extracted and create various items with it. The game includes a very nice and addictive gameplay with lots of graphics and environments that will entertain you for hours with your beautiful gameplay.

Changes in v2.9.7 version: 
– open space 9
– Other new features + Various optimizations

Deep Town Mining Factory Screenshot 1 Deep Town Mining Factory Screenshot 2 Deep Town Mining Factory Screenshot 3 Deep Town Mining Factory Screenshot 4

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