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Zombies are all eradicated hopes to return to normal life, and now can only be fought to stay alive, went into hiding and fled. Play Zombie axis Deadlight Tequila Works has been released by the company.Dayrktvrkat version of tissues in the improvement of the overall quality of play and artificial intelligence that makes fun doing the game much increased. In the game you control the character Randall Wayne (Randall Wayne) and using a range of weapons, and you can go hunting on a strange world and apocalyptic games to play. Unlike most games, killing zombies in this game you can not just relying on different weapons and weapon selection can pay to play rule out steps to change the game for you, for example, in an environment of noise shotgun produces a lot of attention and more zombies you in trouble.

Features of the game Deadlight-Directors Cut:
– Made of attractive
– Acceptable variation steps
– Having varied stages and missions
– Variety of weapons to the game and different experience each time

Tequila Works Screenshot 1 Tequila Works Screenshot 2 Tequila Works Screenshot 3 Tequila Works Screenshot 4 Tequila Works Screenshot 5

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