DAZ Studio v4.10.0.123 x86 / x64 – 3D animation software for android

Download DAZ Studio v4.10.0.123 x86 / x64 - 3D animation software

DAZ Studio is the perfect software for designing unique digital artwork and animations that come from virtual people, animals, various devices, environments, and more. Using this program is very easy and it is enough to start the subject of the project, the decorative objects you want to add, along with their location, settings, brightness and clarity, and start working on your art project. If you decide to start a 3D animation project, DAZ Studio will provide you with a multitude of lessons that allow you to learn all the principles of 3D digital art and animation, and get the idea. Do your mental exercises. Using the 3-D models available in the app, which includes people, objects, places, etc., you can more easily create what you imagine or even create unusual and legendary beings.

Key features of DAZ Studio software :
– Customize keyboard shortcuts for easier deployment
– Adjustable toolbar
– Different options for each feature
– Project preview
– Select a specific style for the work environment
– Customizable Layout
– Fast loading
– Automatic Magnetize
– Drag and Drop support
– Wallpaper application
– Multiple views
– Prepared models based on initial geometric shapes
– Multiple UV support
– Combine pictures
– Spot Render Tool
– Supports OpenGL
– Image filtering
– Cartoon rendering (Toon)
– Shadow of objects to objects
– Change the type and amount of light
– Supports OBJ, OBZ, JPG, DSI, PNG, TIFF, BMP, BHV file formats.
– Construct output videos in AVI format
– And …

DAZ Studio Screenshot 1 DAZ Studio Screenshot 2 DAZ Studio Screenshot 3 DAZ Studio Screenshot 4

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