Dantes Inferno game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Download

Download Dantes Inferno XBOX 360, PS3 - the game Dante's hell for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

If the people of the saga and want to book literary and historical Be sure you have heard the name of Dante’s Divine Comedy. This extraordinary work of art, beautiful and full of imagination fascinating is that every reader attracted to this article a literary paper, but the introduction of a direct connection with the story of the game is. Akhrra initials and his story during the game because the whole spirit and content of the game has been adapted from the story. Company Visceral Games has created many changes in the original story to this effect turned into a computer game. The story of the game, Dante, a knight in the Crusades Crusaders army. Saladin and his army to fight the battles to liberate the holy land is enormous.
He loves a girl named Beatrice and makes the covenant with him until the last moment of life will be just like him and will never betray him.
But he goes to war that it does not know the future. Years pass, Dante’s sins committed during the war, cause he is not able to continue the battle. He writes all his sins, and they wear on their fabric weaves to always remember what you have done. During the war, Dante suddenly killed by enemy is on the verge of souls by Death. But Dante fights with him after he returns home from destruction, but the goal is faced with the death of his father and his wife. No doubt the death of the dearest people in his life. The evil spirit of his wife (Beatrice) was in hell. Dante’s hell to rescue his wife and send her to heaven in hell’s foot. He only 9 floors with her husband away …
The graphics of the game , because at 60 fps runs, very good. Environment, especially in the Mac ‘s Closed highly detailed and beautiful design. But in an open environment that at the beginning of the game to eat, faced with less detail. Texture very good environment and according to the style of play of a high quality are paramount. Lighting is one of the great game that is very favorable. Various locations hell thanks to good lighting and excellent design environment looks pretty gruesome. All sectors and phases of play with regard to what the book Divine Comedy is designed. Designed characters and enemies in the game are good. It is more common in Dante’s character design. Special effects, especially the effects of fire or throw enemies of the cross that Dante is very good. Music used in the game is excellent. Music, good sense of the game and when Dante is in the player’s transfer. Theme play music similar to songs that are heard in churches and so a kind of spiritual state they are in. Dante’s Inferno game can be a very good game that could be a good experience for the players to move. The gameplay is quite fast and breathtaking game is one of the very good and certainly players will be extremely happy with it.

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