CSI SAP2000 Ultimate v19.0.0 Build 1294 x86 / x64 Download

Download CSI SAP2000 Ultimate v19.0.0 Build 1294 x86 / x64 - a comprehensive software analysis and design of structures

SAP2000 software for over thirty years in the design and structural analysis is used. Students and civil engineers and related disciplines, have dealt at least once with this software. Each year, the Mac animals and maintain the software becomes more simple and clear user interface, the complexity of calculations and analyzes are added. Modeling environment graphics in three dimensions has led to simply be able to visualize their designs sorry and then do all kinds of necessary analyzes on it.
It brought together all the requirements for design and construction of structures of this software is used in practice. Learning the software is very fast and does not require a long time to learn. Ready formats is anticipated that the software will be able to simulate more complex projects. The program is intended for bridge design and special features. The new version of this software released in late April and Advanced or Advanced Edition is the most expensive. SAP2000 program is the latest and most powerful generation of Structural Analysis Program is.

A key feature of the software SAP2000 Ultimate:
– Static and dynamic analysis
– Linear and nonlinear analysis of seismic analysis
– Analysis of moving loads and trucks for bridges
– Analysis of P-
– SHELL AND FRAME structural elements include beam-column, truss and membrane and membrane behavior
– Nonlinear spring elements and connection (LINK and SPRING)
– Multiple coordinate systems
– Different types CONSTRAINT
– Different types of loads
– High capacity
– And …

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