CrossManager v2017.1 x86 / x64 Software Direct Download links

Download CrossManager v2017.1 x86 / x64 - CAD file format conversion software

Many designers dealing with CAD files know that most of the specific CAD formats are supported or not supported by climbing Vrzhnshan the old format as well as when working with multiple software CAD design should a wider range of CAD files with different formats work. CrossManager powerful software to convert CAD files to each other. Just three-dimensional or two-dimensional file or files that you want and choose the final format software to automatically translate it. It supports more than 30 different formats are supported as well as plug-ins for most CAD software can be used to access it and work with it much more convenient for the user.

A key feature of the software CrossManager:
– Supports more than 30 different formats
– A plug-in software for CAD
– Conversion of two-dimensional and three-dimensional
– Interface graphics, a simple user
– And …

CrossManager Screenshot 1 CrossManager Screenshot 2 CrossManager Screenshot 3 CrossManager Screenshot 4 CrossManager Screenshot 5

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2 Replies to “CrossManager v2017.1 x86 / x64 Software Direct Download links”

  1. Hi
    I downed the 32 bit version and followed instructions precisely!

    However, when I try to execute the program, I get an error “Not a valid 32bit software”.

    What’s the issue? How can it work?

    I am using DOS 16.5 running the windows Cross Platform subroutines version 5 (XP).

    Thank you in advance

    Ed – KB8QEU

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