Cinemagraph Pro v2.1.2 MacOSX image editor Free Download

Download Cinemagraph Pro v2.1.2 MacOSX - powerful image editing software for Mac
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To edit images in the operating system Mac is a powerful program called Cinemagraph Pro. With its Live View capability, can live and simultaneously edit, preview various effects to your pictures more accurately do.

A key feature of the software Cinemagraph Pro:

– Ability to save high-quality HD 1080 and UHD 4k
– Has 30 different filters with various effects
– Professional interface with the highest level of visibility
– Ability to save and share images
– And …

But what distinguishes Cinemagraph Pro editing software other than what is?
The advantage of this software is its great functionality that you can use to see your desired edit any format, this software has an interface graphics is user-friendly to enable you so that work directly on your photos. Along with the usual set of file functions such as Copy, Move, Delete and Rename You can adjust the colors of your image, various filters such as Hue, Negative, Colorize, Posterize, Mosaic, Twirl, Emboss, etc. on your photos, Transform your pictures and rotate them with views and oblique perspective view, the images blurry photos or a part of it, not sharp, resize, or a background image as tu desktop your. Additionally, it contains enhanced brushes and painting options as well.

Cinemagraph Pro Screenshot 1 Cinemagraph Pro Screenshot 2 Cinemagraph Pro Screenshot 3 Cinemagraph Pro Screenshot 4

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