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collection of folk songs with the theme of spring and the New Year Mp3 Download

Folk songs or folk songs typical of traditional songs, or more generally known rural songs originally by families or small groups of socially transmitted to future generations. Such songs as well as popular literature or folklore, more instead of playing the notes written, oral and listening transferred. The local collection of the best songs on the theme of spring and ...

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Nowruz New Collection songs Mp3 Download

Novruz holiday is one of the oldest remains of antiquity. Nowruz is an ancient origin in various parts of the Iranian plateau, and people celebrate the New Year. Nowruz as a cultural heritage in modern times has always attracted the attention of the public and is held every year. In this collection we have tried to collect the best songs ...

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M. Ehrari Songs Collection Mp3 Download

M. Ehrari one of our readers pop style that has little do with the release of several albums in the past year rose to popularity. The singer’s last album Chaos was released in 88 years. In an eclectic collection of songs they already try to be collected. This collection of songs culled from the Internet and to learn more about ...

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Ali’s lawyer Songs Mp3 Download

Ali’s lawyer, singer and musician. His artistic activity of Tombak playing and singing began three years and in 1377 entered the Conservatory of Music of Shiraz and playing the dulcimer and taught piano.1381 entered the Tehran Music Conservatory and graduated from the Conservatory of Music is now an expert. He and his brother, Mohammed’s lawyer, as his team under clause ...

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the Islamic Revolution on the occasion of Fajr Mp3 Download

Songs of the Revolution and the victory of the Islamic Revolution with simplicity and without any complexity of composition, music has always been a steady and loving the land. Songs that recall the days of our fathers, hear them out and young people with passion and a sense of beauty in feel. In this part of the memorable songs to ...

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B. Wicker collection of songs Mp3 Download

B. Wicker, another traditional style of our readers are. The singer has had several albums that sound good last album was released in 91 years with my canary. In this series we tried a selection of songs by the artist to be collected. This collection of songs culled from the Internet and to learn more about the work of the ...

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Anthology collection of rare songs Mp3 Download

Rare mix of traditional singing of veteran artists and famous singers of Iran. Elite particular sound with hidden fire and cooked and brought a lot of coordination with the orchestra. He also tahrirs is considered a mature vocal and tries to understand his vocal range and the range of his voice will use all capacities.He well knows poetry as well ...

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