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Lets Talk – a collection of English language training Mp3 Download

Let’s Talk is a three-level set of teaching English from the University of Cambridge. Speaking and Listening to strengthen the education of adolescents and adults is provided. In this series of lessons each special issue dedicated to the study and teaching. Specifications Audio formats: Mp3 + WMA File size: 444 MB Release Date: 12:25 – 93/8/3 User Rating: Download links ...

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English Pronunciation in Use – British pronunciation Mp3 Download

English Pronunciation in Use a three-level series published by Cambridge University Press is to strengthen the skills of pronunciation and accent British offered. Each level consists of 60 lessons 2 of this series is that all aspects of pronunciation of sounds, stress, tone and covers. Specifications Audio formats: Mp3 + WMA File size: 1126.4 mb Release Date: 11:37 – 93/7/26 ...

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Assimil Collection with Ease – training 10 languages Mp3 Download

Assimile a French company that teach different languages ​​with different language interfaces has produced and supplied. The training package is part of the company’s 10 languages ​​with English language interface has been collected. This training method for audio collection with books and text. Specifications Audio formats: Mp3 File size: 2652.1 mb Release Date: 13:20 – 93/7/13 User Rating: Download links ...

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Pimsleur Language Learning series Mp3 Download

Set training Pimsleur language 30-minute set of audio files for different languages ​​offered and MacPush to talk the language will teach. Pimsleur method training method based language learning with audio and visual system that was designed and developed by renowned linguist Paul Pimsleur. While learning the language, words and phrases that the student is told by a narrator hears and ...

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Interchange 4th Edition Mp3 Download

Complete set of teaching of English language courses Interchange one of the most prestigious language school in Cambridge in production worldwide. Interchange is now the newest edition of the overall structure of the book has been maintained and further changes related to Reading and Snapshot are updated. Also, other major changes in the last edition of this series of language ...

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All Clear Listening & Speaking Mp3 Download

Three-volume collection All Clear Listening and Speaking to you in understanding the terms and phrases used in everyday life situations that Mac does. Each of the first lessons on terminology and functional focus is important and varied activities, skills and then practice listening, speaking, grammar and strengthen it. This series of books to include audio files as well as text ...

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Michel Thomas Greek Mp3 Download

Michael Thomas was fluent in more than 10 languages. He shortly a new language to movie stars trainingwas. Slogan he launched the educational institution, is to learn the language, you do not need no book, not remembering and not homework! Students audio file of the book, do not read it, they had no previous preparation or training, guidelines only hear ...

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