Wednesday , 20 September 2017
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Escape Plan 2013 – Movie escape plan DOWNLOAD

(93/1/5) changes: Dubbed by the IRIB Persian dubbed and subtitled versions in 720p and 1080p Persian episodes were not dubbed. Voice dubbed in Farsi with Farsi subtitles are not dubbed episodes were added. As a specialist in finding security flaws in prisons realizes that the last mission in the most notorious prison in the world, really locked up, decided to …

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Hugo 2011 (2D / 3D SBS) – the film Hugo (2D / 3D) DOWNLOAD

(93/2/1) changes: Full HD 3D version was added. Persian dubbed version was added to 720p. Sound Persian separately added. Version 3D with 1080p added. Persian dubbed version was added in 1080p. Hugo is a precocious child with the mysterious world of the 1930s, lives in Paris and his father’s job maintenance and service hours are available at train stations. Hugo …

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The Message 1977 – Videos Prophet Mohammad DOWNLOAD

(93/1/5) changes: Persian dubbed version was added in 1080p. Dubbed audio is added separately. Synopsis: The film story of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) states and the emergence of Islam … The movie “Al-Risala” by Syrian director with the name “Muhammad” (PBUH) was exhibited in Iran, has over 4 decades has also attracted his audience at the foot of the beautiful …

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