Thursday , 19 October 2017


Autodesk PowerMill Ultimate 2018.0.3 x64 – Software Download

PowerMill is a powerful computer-controlled software (CAM) software that Delcam introduced to the market and is now supported by Autodesk. This software is specially designed for the development of advanced five-axis cryogenic machines and high speed machines. This software is the most advanced and complete software company for machining of complex and hard parts and is fully optimized for five-axis cassettes and high-speed devices. …

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MKVToolnix v13.0.0 x86 / x64 -0 Adding and Separating Software

MKV It has a Container format for video files, and maintains an unlimited number of video, audio and subtitle tracks in the form of a Matroska file. If you want to delete or add video, audio or subtitle of a MKV file, or even want to create a new Matroska file based on video files in formats mp4, avi, … …

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AIMP v4.13 Build 1897 – Audio file player DOWNLOAD

AIMP is an audio player program that lets you play your favorite music in high quality. The appearance of this app is similar to other classic players so you can quickly learn it and you can customize the work environment to your taste by selecting a nice shell. AIMP has 18 bands or equalizer, a rhythmic display window, a playlist …

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DFX Audio Enhancer v13.006 – Sound and Music Enhancement Software DOWNLOAD

Of course, you all want to experience a high-quality broadcaster and listen to your own high-quality music. In order to control the quality and power of the sound, there are usually punchs in all the audio and video playback programs that you can play on the playing sound. The DFX Audio Enhancersoftware will meet your needs. The DFX Audio Enhancer …

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WordWeb Pro v8.1 + Reference Bundle – Dictionary Synonym dictionary DOWNLOAD

English Dictionary WordWeb Pro is a comprehensive English-language dictionary for Windows that only by choosing the word you want and clicking on it all the meanings, synonyms and words associated with that word plus spelling, pronunciation, useful examples, etc. You will show. WordWeb Pro can be used in almost all applications. This dictionary may be due to rich features and …

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