Monday , 23 October 2017
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Collection of interpretations of the Quran DOWNLOAD

Commentary explaining what is meant to be understandable and called on the written commentaries on the Qur’an, it is said. Interpretation of the meaning of an expression of Koran verses, passages clear and unveiled the goals and concepts. Quran has two purposes: 1 appearance (ie, approval of which is obvious) 2. The inner (ie purposes which is not clear) Interpretations …

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The Quran and its translation into 36 languages DOWNLOAD

Quran book Islam and the miracle of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is. The Qur’an is derived from the root Qr’, adding the word means to provide and also read the chapter referred alagah means. This book is a 23-year period from God through the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was sent down.Overall, the book is sent down the Qur’an …

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