Download CartoonSmart Stick Men Animations - educational animation, animated wooden dummy in Toon Boom Animate

Animation for the computer industry that in recent years much attention and attract many artists and many industry such as film making, web design, game and others is involved. The software was designed and developed many of the tools needed to provide an easy mechanism artist, animation process easier, cost-effective and a more professional.
One of the software for two-dimensional animation the traditional style / simple or flash light is used Toon Boom Animate advanced tools for drawing digital animation, to synchronize sound and puts the users.
During the training the CartoonSmart Stick Men Animations Your project code Mac wooden moving company and with the principles of animation, drawing two-dimensional animated characters, Rgyng, timing and voice animated characters using the software and Animate Pro Toon Boom Animate you know.

Headlines training of:
– Design and code Rgyng Mac Wood
– designed wooden dummy characters are walking and running
– the basics of IK
– familiarity with the project in Animate Pro
– Change of plans
– Training Tool IK Bahavior
– and …